Bandbiografie (englisch)

The band

It all started at 1997…

… when Cornelia Fuchs wanted to realize her vision of a pure medieval female band. The band should not sound charming and tender, but loud, cheeky and powerful. Until then this had not existed in the medieval scene. However, it turned out to be very difficult to find musicians who also had the professionalism, the ambition and the time needed.

And, finally, she put up an advertisement in a local newspaper in Cologne:

…looking for cheeky powerful women to found a medieval female band“.

Gala Hummel, Melanie Pickhardt and Katrin Schöldkens answered this ad. So the first ensemble of Filia Irata was founded in August, 1997 and then in 1998 the group started performing in public.

Filia Irata have made a name to themselves in the medieval scene very quickly and have found their own, quite unmistakeable style of music.

There were some changes in band members during all the years:

Melanie Pickhardt, Katrin Schöldkens and Anja Hermann belonged to the band from 1998 to 1999,

Kirstin Lutterbeck from 2000 to2002,

Viola Einsiedel at 2000

Kira Langlott from 2000 to 2005 and

Jutta Weber-Karn from 2003 to 2006.

The present Filia Irata played together:

Cornelia Fuchs (bagpipes, shawms, gralla, chalumeaux, flutes,

overtone flute, harp and vocals)

Alexandra Prinz (bagpipes, shawms, flutes, harp, hurdy-gurdy, vocals)

Gala Hummel (davul, kettledrums and other percussion, vocals),

Silvia Wende (cister, lute, mandola, hurdy-gurdy, percussion, vocals)

A favorite guest musician is often the son from Cornelia Fuchs, Philipp Aaron Fuchs or Fin de Filou. He is an incredible juggling talent and gifted drummer and singer.The following can be seen: 3 -7 balls, 3 -5 clubs, 3 – 5 cups, juggle-knives, as well fire juggling with 3 -5 torches and the fire stick. Musically, he accompanies Filia Irata on Davul, Darbuka, Timpani and Vocal

Filia Irata are exotics in their style of music. So far they have been the only female-bagpipe-power-band of the medieval scene in Germany.

They have developed their own style: traditional medieval tunes, mixed with their own compositions, cheeky sounding rock inserts, creating the desire to drift into a world of dreams and songs from Scandinavia, the Balkans, Spain, Italy, France and Germany.

Each of the members brings their own part of musical history and all this is melted into their compositions and arrangements.

Cornelia Fuchs has been on the move at medieval markets since 1984 and has played as a musician since 1986 in different bands, like „Saltarello“, „Anno Domini“, „Echt Elior“, „In Extremo“, „Der Schwartenhalß“, “Luscinia Obscura”, ConFilius”, “Noorderlicht” and „Filia Irata“.

The different styles of music of these groups: music of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, music of the “Stauferzeit”, music from the Balkans and Scandinavia.

Alexandra Prinz comes from a classical background. Besides, she is interested in ecclesiastical and worldly choral music, medieval to modern instrumental music, as well as ethnic music.

Silvia Wende’s musical roots lie in the area of folk, classical period, the Middle Ages, crossover and rock.

Gala Hummel is a former rock and hardcore-trashmetal drummer and also still specializing in improvising and enacting today. For two decades she has had a solo programme „Goddess Gala– drums, voice and other surprises“

The following CDs by Filia Irata have been published:

Tinnitussi in 2000

Tilten und Pier in 2004

Von Wegen in 2008

Public performances at castle and town festivals, medieval markets, concerts, banquets, festivals, TV productions all over Germany, England, Spain, Denmark, Luxenburg, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands